Join Lawrence Conservatory of Music in commissioning a new work for wind ensemble

The Commissioned Work: The Lawrence Conservatory Wind Ensemble, directed by Andrew Mast, has commissioned composer John Hennecken to write a new work for wind ensemble. The piece will be a programmatic work based on Dino Buzzati’s The Tartar Steppe. The book is about a young soldier who is stationed at a remote fort, and holds out his whole lifetime for a battle with a distant enemy that may never come. It is ultimately a story about the human capacity for hope in spite of all odds, and the glory of pursuing a singular goal, even if success is not achieved. The book is filled with evocative imagery that inspires music, such as the desert landscape, military trumpet calls, distant lamenting songs, mysterious dreams, and a tragic final battle. The work will be approximately 8–10 minutes long. Instrumentation will include electric bass. The ensemble parts will be of an advanced level.

Listen to previous works: Hennecken's recent works for large ensemble include Symphony for the Garden Symphony, commissioned by the Augusta Symphony (Georgia), and The Athens Concertocommissioned by the University of Georgia Wind Symphony and the Modular Ensemble. Hennecken’s sound concept often projects a sense of drama through clarity of form, forward motion, intricate counterpoint, and the employment of a tonality that utilizes the full consonance-dissonance spectrum.

Cost is $200.00. PDF score and parts will be delivered electronically by August 2020 or January 2021, depending on the World Premiere date. Names of directors and commissioning institutions will be included in the front matter. For more information, email John Hennecken at  

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