Piano Sonata No. 2 (2014)

Duration: 14 minutes

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Program Note:

As a genre, the piano sonata has had a profound effect on me from my earliest days as a musician. One sonata that was particularly meaningful to me was Beethoven’s “moonlight.” Although I have heard this immensely popular work many times, I remember hearing it when it was still new to me: it inspired me to compose. The piano sonata genre is important to me and that is why I have given my best effort to contribute to the tradition. When I began writing the piece in February of 2014, I was very unsure of the direction I would take. I originally conceived of a brisk allegro in mind for the opening, however, my creative process took a much different turn, as the first movement would eventually slow down to a much more contemplative tempo. I did not have a true allegro in me for this piece; instead, I have brought forth a meditative first movement, an aria-like, lamenting second movement, and a third movement that juxtaposes the powerful and ethereal. This piece was written for Jessica Pacheco.