Second Sonata for Trumpet and Piano

UpperDowner cover art-min.jpg

Listen to The Second Sonata for Trumpet and Piano on the ablum "Upper Downer," released under the EMPiRES label. The album features trumpeter Geoffrey Wood, who has performed with numerous professional orchestras and ensembles including the Cedar Rapids Symphony, Columbus Symphony (Indiana), Mahlerfest Symphony Orchestra, and others. The virtuosic piano part is played by Greg Hankins. In addition to Hennecken's Second Sonata for Trumpet and Piano, the album includes an eclectic range of works by composers Sam WellsDrew Morton & Geoffrey Wood, Brian Lewis Smith, and Patrick Geren

In Fields Forgotten by the Sun


Listen to In Fields Forgotten by the Sun, for violin and electronics, on the ablum "Discordia," released under the EMPiRES label. The album features electroacoustic music by composers from the Southeast, including Peter Van Zandt LaneCody BrookshireHanna Lisa StefanssonAdam Scott Neil, Robby Kee, Jason Butcher and Don Hassler, Rob SeabackAaron Anderson, and Jorge Variego. This work was recorded and premiered by violinist Lucas Scalamogna

Album Cover art by Frances Jemini


Resonant Fission


Listen to Resonant Fission for horn and electronics on the album, Sonic Flux, released under the EMPiRES label.  The track features hornist Corey Klein, who commissioned the work and performed it throughout Europe during the summer of 2013. The Album includes electronic music by an international group of composers, including Brian D. KellyCody Brookshire,David BiedenbenderAdam CuthbertJoshua MarquezWilliam PriceElizabeth Kennedy BayerJ.L. Maire, and Jason H. Mitchell.  

Sonata for Euphonium and Piano

To the Point Cover.jpg

Listen to the Sonata for Euphonium and Piano on the album, To the Point. American euphonium soloist, Christopher Leslie presents his first album, a collection of both original compositions for euphonium and repertoire borrowed from other brass and vocal mediums. This set of pieces highlights the technical and lyrical capabilities of the instrument.