In Fields Forgotten by the Sun (2016)

for Violin and Electronics

Winner of Tribeca New Music Merit Award

Duration: 9 minutes

Order PDF and Stereo File: $15.00

Recorded by Lucas Scalamogna

Program Note:

While the title of this piece evokes a physical landscape, I encourage listeners to imagine a meaningful image for themselves, whether in the physical world or in the emotions that might be associated with these “fields.” From a technical standpoint, this piece is generated by independent circular opposing relationships within both timbre and temperament that are interwoven into a recursive linear melodic-motivic process. The work shifts on a timbral axis between tone and noise, while shifting on a pitch axis between equal tempered notes and quarter-tones. These oscillations occur while the opening theme, first heard in the violin, is gradually composed out through the expansion and elaboration of its component motives. The large form of the piece can be heard as a ternary slow-fast-slow.