Electric Dectet (2013)

Instrumentation: Clt, Alt Sax, Hn, Tpt, Tbn, E. Gtr, B. Gtr, 1 Perc, Amplified Vln, Amplified VC

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Program Note:

Electric Dectet has five major sections.  The opening section is somewhat pointillistic and focuses on less resonant timbres from the ensemble.  Interspersed throughout the opening is a dialogue between the violin and crotales that foreshadows the second section.  The second section is clearly delineated by lyrical gestures in the violin, clarinet, and cello.  After a pause, a long three minute build that accelerates through two metric modulations leads to a climactic maestoso.  The climax of the piece fades into the lone sound of the electric guitar, preparing the denouement, starting with the violin, and ending with the pointillistic sounds from the beginning.