Chasm (2012)

for Concert Band (Intermediate Difficulty)

Instrumentation: Pic, 2 Fl, Ob, Bsn, 3 Clt, Bass Clt, 2 Alt Sax, Ten. Sax, Bar. Sax, 3 Tpts in B-flat, 2 hns (with div), 3 Tbns,  Euph. C/B-flat, Tba, Timp. + 7 perc.


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Performed above by Mike Lund Zeigler and the St. Norbert College Wind Ensemble

Chasm embodies an abstract narrative.  The form of the piece is an arch form, A-B-C-B’-A’.  In the maestoso sections (A), the listener will hear the melody primarily in the horns and trumpets.  The allegro sections (B) feature a driving beat as motives get passed around the ensemble.  In the central adagio section (C), the listener will hear slow moving motives blended with a textural sustained atmosphere.  I invite the listener to hear the adagio section as the “chasm.”  Harmonically, the work utilizes both triadic and tri-chord driven verticalities.  The tonal structure is a struggle to achieve the key of C major, which is thwarted until the very end, except for a fleeting moment in the central adagio.  The road to C major is embedded with a constant conflict between B and B flat, which never fully resolves. Chasm was commissioned by Cliff Towner and the Georgia College Wind Ensemble, along with a consortium of 10 colleges and high schools.